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Various Manufacturers 26" / 559 mm MTB Tubes

Various Manufacturers 26" / 559 mm MTB Tubes
  • Type: Schrader Valve
  • Type: Presta Valve
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The 559 mm (26") size fits mountain bikes and cruisers.

The 1- 1.25 width fits the 26 x 1.0 or 1.3 tire size.
The 1.5- 1.75 fits the 26 x 1.4 to 1.75 tire size.
The 1.75- 1.95 fits the 26 x 1.75 to 1.95 tire size.
The 1.9-2.35 width tube is the standard size for tires marked 26" x 1.9", 2.0", or 2.35".

Since tubes are stretchy, they do not need to exactly match the size of the tire.

Depending on stock, size shipped may not be exactly the same as listed in the pull-down menu.

Make sure you specify valve type:

Schrader valves are the same as used on automobiles.

Presta or "French" valves are narrower, require a different pump.

Make sure to inspect the inside of the tire for any debris that may have caused a flat. Also check the inside of the rim for any rough edges.

Tube installation:

It is usually helpful to have a little bit of air in the tube: just enough to make it sort of round rather than flat. 

It sometimes helps to stretch a brand-new tube first. You can do this by gently stepping into it and lifting away by hand.

Start by fitting the valve of the inner tube through the valve hole. You may need to lift a rubber rim strip up at the valve hole and slip it all the way onto the valve stem so the valve stem doesn't try to drag it into the valve hole. Loosely secure the valve using a valve cap or retaining ring so it won't fall back through the hole. If your valve is threaded for a retaining ring, don't tighten it down very far yet, just thread it on far enough that the valve can't fall out of the rim.

With the tube dangling down along one side of the wheel, install one edge of the tire onto the rim, so that the tube is hanging out of the open side. This is usually pretty easy.

Next, tuck the tube into the tire. It is best to start at the valve, work your way one third of the way around the tire, then go back to the valve and work around in the opposite direction.

Once the tube is in place, you're ready to install the second edge of the tire. This is the hardest part of the whole process, and the hardest part of this is the very last segment.

If you start at the valve, it won't be a complicating factor when you are trying to lift the last bit of tire bead over the edge of the rim. With a very narrow rim, you may have to start opposite the valve -- just don't finish right at the valve.

As you install the second edge of the tire, try to push it toward the middle of the rim channel, where the channel is deepest. This will give you more slack.

Make sure that the tire bead is not sitting on top of the base of the valve. If it is, push the valve almost back through the rim to raise the reinforced patch at the base of the valve, and push the tire down around it.

For the last few inches of tire bead, some considerable force may be needed to pop it over the edge of the rim. (Some rim/tire combinations are easier than others.) If it is giving you difficulty, resist the urge to press the middle part over. Instead, work alternately from each end of the section you're trying to lift over. Going back and forth from side to side will usually get it.

Most folks do this by holding the wheel horizontally, with the open side up. Wrap your fingers around over the tire to press on the bottom of the rim, while you push the tire either with your thumbs or with the heels of your hands.

If you just can't get it by hand, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure the tire bead isn't sitting on top of the tube or rim strip anywhere.
  • Make sure the tire bead you're working on is pushed as close to the middle of the rim channel as you can get it.
  • The thinner the rim tape, the easier it is to mount the tire. Consider replacing the rim tape.

Some tire/rim combinations are just too tight a fit, and you may need to use a tool. The best tool for this is the "Kool Stop bead jack" because this tool lifts the edge of the tire without going inside of it, so it is less likely to damage the inner tube than a conventional tire lever is.

Part Numbers

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26 x 1.0 - 1.25 / Presta Valve 87522 TUC49
26 x 1.5 - 1.75 / Schrader Valve 87509 TUC54
26 x 1.5 - 1.75 / Presta Valve 87523 TUC51
26 x 1.9 -2.35 / Schrader Valve 87510 TUC55
26 x 1.9 -2.35 / Presta Valve 87524 TUC52