SunXCD 8/9/10-Speed Rear Road Derailleur GS

SunXCD 8/9/10-Speed Rear Road Derailleur GS
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The SunXCD Rear Road derailer can handle up to a 34t cog and is 8/9/10 speed compatible!

Why do we think this is cool? Read on. . .

Now you can run up to a 34t cassette cog with 7, 8, 9, or 10-speed STI levers.

Up through 9-spd systems, Shimano Road and MTB shifters and derailers were interchangeable. So it was possible to use an MTB rear derailer and wide range cassette with STI shifters. All that changed with the introduction of 10 speed drive trains. With 10 speed Shimano, road is road, and MTB is MTB. They don't play nicely together.

This derailer solves the 10-speed incompatibility issue. And being shiney silver rather than matte grey paint doesn't hurt one bit. . .

Chain wrap capacity: 39t

Part Numbers

304020 RD1105