Schmidt SON28 SL Generator Front Hub f/Centerlock Disc

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SL hub cannot be used in a standard fork.

The Schmidt SL hub axle eliminates the need to connect and disconnect wires when mounting and dismounting your dynamo wheel. Designed to be used with a specially made fork, the hub makes the electrical connection directly through the fork dropouts. Once you clamp the skewer tight, just get back on the bike and ride. Your lights will be working perfectly.

The right side axle end isolates the surface that faces the dropout from the axle center. The axle itself carries the ground side of the electrical circuit. The dropout face on the right side of the hub carries the power side of the circuit. You can easily tell the difference between the right and left side by looking at the axle end cap. The right side cap is wider than the left side cap. The right side cap must only be inserted in the fork on the right side of the bike. With the disc version of the hub, the disc is always on the left so there's never a chance of mounting the hub backwards. Also, the printing on the hub flange is only on the right side of the hub shell. In the dark, you can feel the printing on the right side of the hub, so you know which way to install your wheel.

The Schmidt SL hub won't work as a dynamo on standard forks. Your fork must be specially made. The inside surface of the right side dropout carries the power side of the circuit. Many older forks can be modified by a frame builder. If you're having a frame builder make you a new frame, have the builder contact us for details on building a fork that's compatible with the SL hub. An SL compatible fork can be used with any normal hub, whether it is a dynamo or not. But an SL hub cannot be used in a standard fork if you want to use its power output.

SL hubs can be used with any 5mm skewer. Unlike other Schmidt hubs, the SL hubs do not come with a skewer.

Schmidt dynamo hubs have a 5-year warranty. They are not user-serviceable. Disassembly will void the warranty.

There are many different variations of Schmidt hubs. We do not keep them all in stock. We can usually get them in 1 to 3 days. The default "Availability" in our shopping cart is "In Stock". Please keep in mind that this is usually not the case for many of the variations.

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