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Rene Herse / Compass 700 x 35c Bon Jon Pass TC Folding Tires

Rene Herse / Compass 700 x 35c Bon Jon Pass TC Folding Tires
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Tubeless Compatible

The Bon Jon Pass is our Goldilocks tire: at 700C x 35 mm, it fits bikes that have extra clearance around the Stampede Pass (32 mm), but not enough space for a Barlow Pass (38mm). Bon Jon Pass is accessed via a relatively smooth gravel road on the Olympic Peninsula. The moderate gradient allows you to let your bike fly, and these tires will be perfect for surfaces like that.

On pavement, the Bon Jon Pass will outcorner narrower tires thanks to its greater width and its lower pressure, both of which keep more rubber in contact with the road surface. The Bon Jon Pass will glide over chipseal where narrower or less supple tires will chatter. If your bike can fit this tire, you won’t be disappointed.

The Bon Jon Pass is tubeless-compatible in both standard and extralight casing.

Made in Japan.

Available with standard or Extralight casings. The Extralight casing not only reduces the tire’s weight, but is also more supple, thus increasing the tire’s speed and comfort even further.

Standard model
355 g, clincher, folding bead. Tan sidewalls

Extralight model
Ultra-light, ultra-supple casing. Tan or black sidewalls.
303 g, clincher, folding bead.

• Made in Japan

• Low rolling resistance

• Excellent grip

• Superior comfort

• Classic appearance

• Clincher tires with the ride of a good tubular

• 90 PSI maximum pressure