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Littleford Dyna-Snap Connector

Littleford Dyna-Snap Connector
$20.00 - $36.00
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At last! Littleford Dyna-Snap magnetic connectors are the answer to dynamo connectors that are difficult or awkward to manage. They absolutely simplify the process of connecting your hubs to your lights.

Removing the front wheel to change a flat or put the bike in the car or on a roof rack can be a real pain. Welcome, Dyna-Snaps!! They pull apart with almost no effort and reconnect instantly with a self-guiding magnetic force. Do them with your eyes closed? Do them while wearing gloves? Or mittens? NO PROBLEM! Do them at night? In the rain? NO PROBLEM! You can even impress your riding buddies by doing them behind your back! NO PROBLEM!

Dyna-snaps are available in single wire (for lights grounded through the frame) and double wire sets. There is also a single-wire reversed polarity set for tail light wiring - you will need two if you run a ground wire.

They are so smart and simple it seems incredible that they haven't been available before!

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
Single wire LT061 LT061
Double wire LT062 LT062