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DT Swiss Competition Double Butted  2.0-1.8 - (Black)
12mm black brass nipples included.

DT Swiss Competition Double Butted 2.0-1.8 - (Black)


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DT Swiss Competition Double Butted 2.0-1.8 - (Black)

Most sizes usually in stock

12mm black brass nipples included.

The Double-Butted DT Competition is a great all-around spoke.

These Swiss-made stainless steel spokes have three thicknesses:

2.0 (14 gauge) mm at the ends.

1.8 mm (15 gauge) in the middle. Not only does this save weight, but the thinner middle section gives the spoke (and the wheel greater elasticity for increased durability.)

If you wish, we will calculate the length for you and send the appropriate length. You must tell us make and model of hub, make and model of rim; number of spokes to build wheel.

You can type that information into the "Comments/Information" box that you will find on page 3 of the secure shopping cart process. Please include as much info as possible - hub brand, model, model number, etc.

We will do the best we can to calculate the length correctly, but cannot guarantee perfection.

Need wheelbuilding instructions? Click here!

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