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Cane Creek SCR-5 Brake Levers for Drop (Road) Handlebars

Cane Creek SCR-5 Brake Levers for Drop (Road) Handlebars
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These are super brake levers for road bikes, made by Tektro. These low-friction levers have a high mechanical advantage, and can significantly upgrade the braking performance of an older bike without changing the calipers.

They bear a very strong resemblance to Campagnolo Ergo brake/shift levers, only without the shift mechanism. Riders with large hands tend to find these especially comfy. They're very well made, with resin bodies and cold-forged 6061 aluminum levers, shaped for left/right hand individually.

These levers also include a Campagnolo style quick release button, very handy if you are using them with older calipers that don't incorporate a quick release, or if you are using wide tires that require more clearance than a single quick release can supply.