Busch & Müller Secula Plus Tail Light for fender mounting

Busch & Müller Secula Plus Tail Light for fender mounting
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The Secula Plus for fender mounting is compatible with all Busch + Müller and Schmidt headlights. It does not ground to the mount like the Seculite Plus, which makes it an ideal tail light to use with the the Luxos U head light. It has a "standlight" which keeps the LEDs lit for several minutes after you stop.

The Secula Plus lights use B+M's "Linetec" technology in the lens for a very bright and broad light with a large reflector.

It should be mounted with the reflector in a vertical position to be most effective. This means that full coverage fenders are required in order to get enough length in the rear for proper mounting.

Secula Plus lights will work with any B+M or Schmidt LED headlight. They use .6 Watts, requiring the Lumotec headlight to use a 2.4 Watt bulb if paired with a halogen headlight.

Two strand wiring for the tail light is included.

Part Numbers

B&M331ALK-02 LT1383

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