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Busch & Müller Luxos IQ2 U Headlight w/ USB Charger

Busch & Müller Luxos IQ2 U Headlight w/ USB Charger
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New for 2013, the Luxos headlights have a new optical system, IQ2, which provides an even wider beam than the IQ system, and it's brighter too, at 70 or 90 lux. Luxos lights also have B+M's "Licht 24" system of daytime running lights.

The Luxos U is the "deluxe" version. It has innovative new technology that senses rider speed and adjusts light output accordingly, always providing an optimal beam pattern for a given speed. No other light available that is this "intelligent".

The Luxos U incorporates a handlebar mounted switch incorporating a USB outlet for charging USB devices. It also has a cache battery for those devices that might switch off if the dynamo's voltage drops, like when standing at a stop light.

Luxos U Features:

  • 90 Lux (brightness of the beam at a standard distance)
  • Handlebar mounted switch with USB charge port
  • Licht 24 - Daytime Running Lights
  • Automatic Sensor Switching
  • Standlight
  • Cable Conduit for mount
  • Torx T20 fixing bolt for mount (includes T20 wrench)

    Wiring for the headlight to the hub is included. Tail light wiring is not. See related items below.

  • Part Numbers

    MPN Store SKU
    BM179U-04LSR LT1340