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Brompton M6LA Flame Lacquer/Flame Lacquer Folding Bicycles

Brompton M6LA Flame Lacquer/Flame Lacquer Folding Bicycles
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M6LA Flame Lacquer/Flame Lacquer

M-type handlebars
6-speed standard gearing

The Brompton is, far and away, the best designed, best built folder. It is also the fastest to fold and smallest when folded of any. Brompton offers 4 handlebar options, 4 gearing options, fenders, a rear rack, an ingenious frame-mounted front luggage system, lighting options, and more.

The more you ride a Brompton, the more you appreciate their sophisticated design, solid engineering, and fine construction.

The folded bike is small enough to be checked as standard size luggage for air travel and will even fit through a TSA security scanner! Can it be gate-checked? Yes, We've done it! Can it be carried on? Yes, on some larger aircraft, but check with your airline to be sure.

Come on in for a test ride!