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Action Side-Pull Brake Caliper 68 to 87mm Reach

Action Side-Pull Brake Caliper 68 to 87mm Reach
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Click here to determine the correct brake reach for your bike.

If you don't like the look of the Odyssey 1999 or Tektro 984 brakes, these Action calipers have a much more traditional look for your old Raleigh three-speed.

NOTE: These brakes fit some, but not all, 3-spd bikes with 26x1-3/8 tires. Be sure to use the above link and measure the actual reach on your brakes.

Comes with one brake and both front and rear center bolts, complete with hardware.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Standard nut mount
  • Caliper only. Cable and lever not included.

  • The stock brake shoes are pretty crummy.

    For best results, upgrade with:

    Kool Stop Continentals


    Fibrax Raincheaters

    Both are listed under Related Items.

    Part Numbers

    MPN Store SKU
    BR0135 BRC37