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630 (27 inch) Road for Freewheel

Harris Cyclery Wheelset 27
Hubs: Origin8 sealed cartridge bearing, Quick Release hubs for traditional thread-on Freewheels. QR skewers included. Rims: 630 mm (27 inch) Sun CR-18 rims. Strong, general purpose rim. Drilled for presta valve tube. Spokes: 36 DT 2.0 mm (14 g) Stainless Spokes. These wheelsets are excellent for upgrading older road bikes if you want to stick with the old-style freewheel. Rear hub spacing is 126 mm, will usually fit OK in 120 frames too. Note:These are quite good for being stock wheelsets with straight gauge spokes, and they will give good service for most riders/applications. Heavier riders and those carrying heavy loads, for instance touring cyclists, are likely to find they need higher quality custom-built wheels. 126 mm spacing, takes standard 5-, 6- or 7-speed freewheels. These wheels will work with any 27" (630) tires
Harris Cyclery Wheelset 27
Origin8 RD-2100 Sealed Cartridge Bearing Hubs, Weinmann LP18 alloy rims, 36 2.0 mm (14 g) Stainless Steel Spokes These wheel sets are a nice upgrade for older 10- or 12-speed road bikes. Weinmann LP18 double-wall rims are light and fast. They are best suited for 27 x 1" or 27 x 1-1/8" tires. Note: These rims are drilled for presta(narrow) valve tubes. Choose 10mm wide rim tape (see Related Items below). 126 mm spacing, takes standard 5-, 6- or 7-speed freewheels.
Harris Cyclery 27
Size: 27" (630) Rim: Sun CR-18 rim. Strong, general purpose rim. Drilled for presta valve tube Hub: Origin8 sealed cartridge bearing Quick Release hub, for traditional thread-on Freewheels. Spokes: 36 DT 2.0 mm (14 g) Stainless Steel QR skewer included. Will accept any width 27" tire.
Harris Cyclery 27
Front & rear set. QR skewers included. Wheelmaster quick release hub sets, laced into 630 mm (27 inch) Weinmann RM19 aluminum alloy rims ( Schrader drilled ), with 36 stainless steel spokes. Quick release skewers included, but no rubber and no freewheel. This economical wheelset will breathe new life into a '70s "Ten-Speed" bike. The rear hub is threaded for a standard freewheel, spaced for 126 mm, compatible with 5-, 6-, or 7-speed freewheels. Older 10-speed frames with 120 mm spacing will need to be spread slightly, but this is not a problem with most frames. Don't forget rim tape. Check the Related Items, below.
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