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Lubricants & Cleaners

Phil Wood Grease
A highly waterproof grease, excellent for hubs, headsets, and bottom-bracket bearings. This is the best I've used for adverse weather conditions. 3 ounce tube.
Phil Wood Tenacious Oil
My favorite lubricant. Good for chains, threaded fasteners, brake and derailer pivot points, general light lubrication. Long-chain polymers keep it stuck to what you put it on. 4 ounce drip bottle.
BikeWipz Bicycle Cleaning Wipes
$8.00 - $25.00
Multi-use cleaning wipes. Quick, clean and easy! Clean, polish and protect frame and fork! Wipe off chain and drivetrain. Mobile: Plant based cleaner - hand safe clean-up after on the road repairs. Available in a bag of 10 or box of 40.
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