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Park Tool CT-3.2 Pro Shop Chain Tool
The ultimate. Along with superior strength and durability, the CT-3.2 features a handy "loosening shelf" to remedy stiff links after reassembly. The fine thread and comfortable size enable easy removal of even the toughest chain pins. Like all Park Tool Chain Tools, it's easy to use and built to last. NOTE: The "sliding shelf" is supposed to be free floating. Do not try to tighten it!" Works great on 5 to 11 speed (not Campy 11) chains.
Kool Stop Sport Tire Lever Set
3 Nylon Levers with Plastic holder.
Brompton Tool Kit
The new Brompton Tool Kit stores inside the short front section of the main frame tube on Bromptons manufactured after 2005. It's an ingenious little gem that contains most any tool you might need to keep your Brommie running: - Tire levers with 8mm + 10mm spanners - 15mm spanner with ratchet driver - Pozi (Phillips) + flat screwdriver bit - 2.5mm + 5mm bit - 3mm + 4mm bit - 2mm + 6mm bit - Puncture repair patches - Sandpaper
BikeWipz Bicycle Cleaning Wipes
$8.00 - $25.00
Multi-use cleaning wipes. Quick, clean and easy! Clean, polish and protect frame and fork! Wipe off chain and drivetrain. Mobile: Plant based cleaner - hand safe clean-up after on the road repairs. Available in a bag of 10 or box of 40.
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