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Schwinn Sizes

CST Schwinn S-7 26x2x1-3/4 (54x571) Black Wall Tire
These tires fit Schwinn 26" "Cruiser" rims from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Note, this is interchangeable only with tires marked with a fraction, i.e. 1 3/4". This is not interchangeable with tires marked with a decimal, i.e. 1.75" Altough the numbers are mathematically equal, the rim and tire sizes designated by fractions vs. decimals are never the same. ISO: 54 x 571 PSI: 40 Not the same as the 26 x 1-1/2 F12 Canadian size. Choose 26x1.95/2.125 Schrader valve tubes. See related items.
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