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Seatposts & Parts

Sunlite Seatpost Alloy 25.4 x 300mm Length Straight 'Pipe Type'
Basic, good quality seatpost fits older Raleighs Length: 300mm Diameter: 25.4mm (1") w/7/8" top for standard seat clamp. Color: Silver
Various Manufacturers Saddle Clamp for 7/8
For seatposts that do not have a clamp on top, 7/8" inside diameter . For standard saddles. Does not fit the older Brooks 'double rail' saddles like the B66.
Various Manufacturers Laprade Type Seatpost Alloy 350mm Length
Kalloy (or similar Laprade type) These are basic, good quality seatposts with a "Laprade type" one bolt clamp. We usually have these in the 350 mm length in a wide range of sizes. This is as good a seatpost as most people need. Color: Silver (Actual item might have a brand logo)
Wald 13/16
Many older U.S. made bikes take this thin size. Unfortunately, there's very little choice in this diameter. Diameter: 13/16" (21.15mm) Length: 10-1/2" Galvanized steel Diameter at top is 7/8" (22.2mm) to fit standard seat clamp.
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