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Rim Tape

Velox Rim Tape (Fond de Jante) Sold each
We're substituting Zefal brand for the 10mm size Velox cloth rim tape is the standard of the industry, light and reliable. Comes in 2 widths, 10 mm, 16 mm. Most rims use the 16 mm size. 10mm is for very narrow rims like the Sun M13 and Weinmann LP80. One roll is enough for one wheel, Get 2 rolls for a wheelset.
Stan's NoTubes Yellow 10 Yards x 21mm Rim Tape
We stock this rim tape to use with our Velocity A23 rims and wheelsets. Cloth rim tape has been found to be too thick with the A23 rim and can make it difficult to seat tires. NOTE: Double wrap each wheel with the Stan's rim tape. One roll is enough to double wrap any size wheel set.
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