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Velox Rim Tape (Fond de Jante) Sold each
One roll is enough for one wheel, Get 2 rolls for a wheelset. Velox cloth rim tape is the standard of the industry, light and reliable. Comes in 2 widths, 10 mm, 16 mm. Most rims use the 16 mm size. 10mm is for very narrow rims like the Sun M13 and Weinmann LP80.
Velocity A23 Polished 584 mm (650B) Rim
With a wider footprint, the A23 allows for a more aerodynamic rim/tire combination. The tire profile mimics the characteristics of a tubular, gaining increased control and lower rolling resistance without the inconvenience of tubular glue or the dangers of irreparable roadside mechanicals. The polished finish gives a nice classic look suitable to classic as well as more recent bikes. Light in weight and tubeless-compatible, the A23 is an extremely versatile rim with a classic look. The A23 O/C rim is the off center version of the popular A23. The offset is 3.5mm, and the off center design allows for dramatically improved spoke tension on a dished rear wheel. Tight tolerances require the use of a low profile rim tape like Velotape or Stan's Tubeless tape to avoid tire installation issues, even when using clincher tires. Veloplugs are not recommended on A23 or A23 OC rims. Specs: Rim Size: 650B Width: 23mm Height: 19.5mm Tire Interface: Clincher / Tubeless Valve: Presta 32 - 40mm Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 584 Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 560 Weight: 442g Sidewalls: Non-machined
Velocity Deep V 700C Rim White 32H NMSW
$59.95 $89.95 33% Off
Non-Machined Sidewalls Size: 700C ISO:622 Brand: Velocity Model: Deep-V Width ID: 13.5 Width OD: 19 Profile: 30 Wall: Dbl Side: NMSW Color: White Drill: 32 Valve: PV Weight: 520g ERD: 582 Tire Compatibility: Tube Only
Mavic Open Pro 700C 622 Road Rim Black 28 Hole
$79.64 $84.95 6% Off

Limited Stock

28 hole only. No returns unless defective Mavic Open Pro 700C 622 Rim for Lightweight road use. Presta valve.
Stan's NoTubes Yellow 10 Yards x 21mm Rim Tape
We stock this rim tape to use with our Velocity A23 rims and wheelsets. Cloth rim tape has been found to be too thick with the A23 rim and can make it difficult to seat tires. NOTE: Double wrap each wheel with the Stan's rim tape. One roll is enough to double wrap any size wheel set.
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