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Freewheels 7-speed

SunRace 13-34 Thread-on 7-speed Freewheel MegaDrive
Model MF-M4S "Alpine" design, with closer spacing between most of the sprockets for efficient cruising, and the huge 34-tooth "bail-out" gear for the tough hills. This setup looks funny on paper, but works great in practice! It is generally good practice to replace the chain when you replace the freewheel. We recommend the SRAM PC-870 chain for use with this freewheel. (See related items below) This freewheel will index with any Shimano-type 7-speed shifter, but does require a wide-range (touring/mountain) rear derailleur. This freewheel uses the Park FR-1 extractor. (See related items) Are you sure you need a thread-on freewheel, not a cassette? Click here to find out which type your bike needs!
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