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Various Manufacturers Stainless Socket Cap Screw 4 mm x 20 mm
Use this as your B tension screw on Deore rear derailleur, enabling use of 11 (or 12t)-36t 10 speed cassette!
Shimano MegaRange Tourney TY-300 Rear Derailleur (Direct Mount)
New model for 2016 This will index with any Shimano system except pre-97 Dura Ace. This version is for: Conventional mount for use with frames with a built-in derailer hanger. These derailers and matching freewheels are a great way to upgrade older bikes to wide-range indexed shifting.
Shimano Acera M360 SGS Long Cage Rear derailleur
Available in black or silver. It's a good idea to replace your cable when you replace a derailler. You can order new cable housing from the related item below.
Shimano Deore SGS RD-M591 Rear Derailleur
Works with wide-range 10 speed cassettes and STI shifters! This is our favorite derailleur for road bikes with a touring cassette. This will handle 32t to 36t* low gears and it still looks like a traditional derailleur - not a Transformer. *With 36t large cog, you might need a longer B tension screw (see related items) to keep the derailleur cage away from the large cog.
Shimano CX70 Front Derailleur
Shimano's CX70 Front Derailleur was designed from the ground up for the uiquely punishing world of cyclocross. Mud-shedding plates fight back against ice and debris build up. Reinforced pins stiffen the plates for fast shifts under the worst conditions, while special attention has been paid to the derailleur pivots and arms so they shed mud and ice. The cage size is optimized for the close-ratio chainrings common on cyclocross bikes. The CX70 Front Derailleur is available as either a top or bottom pull model to suit your bike.
IRD Alpina-d Compact Road Triple Front Derailleur
$49.95 - $55.95
IRD Alpina-d Compact Road Triple Front Derailleur Designed specifically for compact triple cranks. Available for 3 different sized seat tubes with clamp mount, and for braze-on mount. All variations use the same basic braze-on Derailleur. Clamp on versions come with an appropriate clamp adapter installed. Current 28.6mm clamps are BLACK
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