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Various Manufacturers Stainless Socket Cap Screw 4 mm x 20 mm
Use this as your B tension screw on Deore rear derailleur, enabling use of 11 (or 12t)-36t 10 speed cassette!
Shimano Acera M360 SGS Long Cage Rear derailleur
Available in black or silver. It's a good idea to replace your cable when you replace a derailler. You can order new cable housing from the related item below.
Shimano Deore SGS RD-M591 Rear Derailleur
Works with wide-range 10 speed cassettes and STI shifters! This is our favorite derailleur for road bikes with a touring cassette. This will handle 32t to 36t* low gears and it still looks like a traditional derailleur - not a Transformer. *With 36t large cog, you might need a longer B tension screw (see related items) to keep the derailleur cage away from the large cog.
IRD Alpina-d Compact Road Triple Front Derailleur
$49.95 - $55.95
IRD Alpina-d Compact Road Triple Front Derailleur Designed specifically for compact triple cranks. Available for 3 different sized seat tubes with clamp mount, and for braze-on mount. All variations use the same basic braze-on Derailleur. Clamp on versions come with an appropriate clamp adapter installed.
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