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Cassettes 9-speed

Shimano HG400 11-28t 9-speed Cassette
11-12-13-14-16-18-21-24-28 Teeth It is generally good practice to replace the chain when you replace the cassette. We recommend the SRAM PC-59 chain for use with this cassette. This cassette will index with any Shimano-type 9-speed shifter. This cassette will fit any Shimano 9-speed hub. 11 tooth top gear, not compatible with some older hubs. (Click here for details) You can check the gearing options out with our On Line Gear Calculator
Shimano HG400 11-36t 9-speed Cassette
11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-36 Teeth Note: Shimano recommends that this cassette is only compatible with Shimano Shadow type rear derailleurs. We've run it successfully with a basic Deore (non-shadow design) with a longer (20mm) B-tension screw all the way in. You might have to reverse it for more adjustment. If this cassette is being used on a 29er Mountain bike, it must be used in conjunction with the Shimano M629/M529 29er hubs. Designed for 29ers but is also a new option for touring bikes! No need to replace your double crankset when you have a 36t bailout gear! This cassette will fit any Shimano 9-speed hub.
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