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Brake Cables, Housing

Various Manufacturers Transverse (Straddle) Cable Single-Ended 1.8 x 380mm
For Cantilever Brakes The standard. Single ended. Allows mechanical leverage to be setup as needed.
Jagwire Universal Brake Cable and Housing Set
One bike's worth, universal cables and housing. Ferrules and crimp-on end caps incuded. Stainless Slick (die-drawn for smoothness) inner cables Teflon lined housing. Double ended cables fit road or mountain type brake levers.
Giant Stainless Slick Brake Cable, Double-ended
-Smooth surface and low friction -Pre-stretching reduces elongation for best responsiveness -Stainless: permanent rust-free performance -Double ended for use with road or mountain bikes -1.5 x 1700mm
Giant Stainless Slick Tandem Brake Cable Road /Mtn
These are very high-quality rust-proof cables. The cables are die-drawn to smooth out their surface for reduced friction. Double-ended, for Mountain/Upright or Road bike levers. 2750 mm length for tandems.
Generic Transverse (Straddle) Cable 2-ended 110mm
These short (110mm) straddle cables fit older center-pull road brakes (Weinmann & Dia-Compe) and some U-brakes.
Clarks Brake Cable and Housing Kit
- Complete kit for one bicycle - 5mm compressionless housing - 1.5mm stainless steel inner wires - Includes nylon ferrules, cable tips & donuts - Cable length: front 2000mm / rear 2100mm - Housing length: 1000mm - Double ended cables fit road or mountain type brake levers.
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