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Brake Hardware

Tektro Tektro Premium Yoke Silver for Cantilever or Centerpull Brakes
These premium quality cable yokes are a great choice for traditional cantilever and centerpull caliper brakes. The two small grub screws let you secure the transverse cable so it won't slide. This helps keep the brakes centered. Sold individually. Includes:
  • Braided transverse cable
  • 2.5 mm Allen wrench
  • Cable end crimp
Problem Solvers Stainless Steel Brake Cable Clips (Set of Three)
Set of three traditional brake cable clips. Fits 1" top tube. Nut and bolts included.
Odyssey Odyssey Cable Knarps
These bolt-on cable ends can solve a number of problems. They're primarily intended to fit into upright-handlebar brake levers. We mainly feature them for replacement of old-style Raleigh double-ended brake cables. Sold in pairs, with Allen wrench shown included.
Surly Long rear housing stop for centerpull and traditional cantilever brakes, with adjuster barrel.
This housing stop loops over the seatpost bolt between the "ears" of the seat lug/seatpost clamp. Includes adjusting barrel. This is rather long, which is good news and bad news:
•Good News: improved cable routing for smoother brake operation. •Bad News: For smaller frames, there may not be sufficient clearance between the seatpost bolt and the cable yoke.
Stainless Steel with aluminum adjusting barrel.
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Problem Solvers Front Cable hanger

For 1 inch steerer tubes. Decent cable hangers for center-pull calipers or cantilevers are getting hard to find. These are nice rigid alumimum ones, with a standard 6 mm adjusting barrel. In silver or black.
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