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Brake Levers - Upright / Flat Bar

Tektro Adjustable Brake Levers
These have an adjustment for mechanical advantage, so they work with _all_ types of brakes, including direct-pull ("V-type"), center-pull cantilevers, all types of calipers and drum brakes. 22.2mm clamp fits MTB/Flat/Upright bars
Tektro FL750 Upright Bar
These are beautiful levers! A simple, classic design. Alloy clamp and lever. Cables and cable housing sold separately. 7/8" (22.2 mm) clamp diameter fits MTB/Flat/Upright bars. Note: These levers use cables with the "Road" end. For caliper and cantilever brakes. Not compatible with V (Linear-pull) brakes. All silver. Except for the little pivoting guide riveted to the lever, which is black.
Shimano BL-R550 Upright Bar (
They fit standard 7/8" (22.2 mm ) upright/straight handlebars. These well-made levers work well with all traditional rim brakes, road or mountain, but should not be used with "direct pull" ("V type") cantilevers. High quality cables and cable housing are included with these lever sets
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