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Brake Levers - Upright / Flat Bar

Tektro FL750 Upright Bar
These are beautiful levers! A simple, classic design. Alloy clamp and lever. Cables and cable housing sold separately. 7/8" (22.2 mm) clamp diameter fits MTB/Flat/Upright bars. Note: These levers use cables with the "Road" end. For caliper and cantilever brakes. Not compatible with V (Linear-pull) brakes. All silver. Except for the little pivoting guide riveted to the lever, which is black.
Tektro Adjustable Brake Levers
These have an adjustment for mechanical advantage, so they work with _all_ types of brakes, including direct-pull ("V-type"), center-pull cantilevers, all types of calipers and drum brakes. 22.2mm clamp fits MTB/Flat/Upright bars
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