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Bottom Brackets

Not sure of the bottom bracket threading on your old bike? Click Here

Various Manufacturers American-style One Piece Bottom Bracket set 24 tpi threading
Bottom bracket unit in a frame made for the old-style "Ashtabula" one-piece cranks. The 24 TPI threading fits most one-piece cranks. (If your bike is a Schwinn or Mongoose, and you are using the original crank, you probably need the 28 tpi version.) If you are replacing the original crank even on a Schwinn or Mongoose, this 24 tpi set is the way to go. The old 28 tpi threading is an endangered species, but the frame will accept either type with no problem. NOTE: Some department store kids bikes are using a smaller diameter one piece bottom bracket that is not the same as this.
TruVativ Bottom Bracket Conversion American-to-Euro Adapter
This very nicely made bushing set allows you to mount a modern threaded cartridge bottom bracket unit in a frame made for the old-style "Ashtabula" one-piece cranks. This saves weight, improves shifting, and allows the use of modern clipless pedals. Be the first kid on your block to put a Dura-Ace crankset into your Schwinn Varsity! Installation Note:Press in right side (left threaded) bushing first. Then draw in left side bushing by gradually tightening the allen head bolts. The bolts go through the left side and screw into the right side adaptor.
Shimano BB-UN300 Bottom Bracket Square Tapered 68mm
Shimano's newest cartridge bottom bracket is the BB-UN300. Choose axle length. BB width: 68mm English thread JIS Square taper Sealed cartridge bearings
Action Bottom Bracket Cup Set (French Thread)
Finally! An affordable bottom bracket cup set for your old French bike! Cups, lock ring and retainer bearings, 35x1mm threads, Dual Right hand thread. Waterproof
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