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Zéfal Christophe Vintage Leather Toe Straps (Pair)
Leather Toe Straps Classic look and design. Length: 370mm
Velox Velox Handlebar Plugs Black -Pair
Reusable, screw-in type plugs. Made of rubber.
Velowerx Universal Stem Adapter - Quill to Threadless
Super versatile adapter to convert quill type stem to threadless stem - Works with 1" or 1-1/8" quill stems - Works with 1" or 1-1/8" threadless stems - Overall length: 143mm - Outside diameter without shims: 1" top x 7/8"(22.2mm) quill - Outside diameter with both shims: 1-1/8" top x 1"(25.4mm) quill
Velocity A23 584 mm (650B) Rim 36 holes Silver
With a wider footprint, the A23 allows for a more aerodynamic rim/tire combination. The tire profile mimics the characteristics of a tubular, gaining increased control and lower rolling resistance without the inconvenience of tubular glue or the dangers of irreparable roadside mechanicals. Light in weight and tubeless-compatible, the A23 is an extremely versatile rim with a classic look. The A23 O/C rim is the off center version of the popular A23. The offset is 3.5mm, and the off center design allows for dramatically improved spoke tension on a dished rear wheel. Tight tolerances require the use of a low profile rim tape like Velotape or Stan's Tubeless tape to avoid tire installation issues, even when using clincher tires. Veloplugs are not recommended on A23 or A23 OC rims. Specs: Rim Size: 650B Width: 23mm Height: 19.5mm Tire Interface: Clincher / Tubeless Valve: Presta 32 - 40mm Bead Seat Diameter (BSD): 584 Effective Rim Diameter (ERD): 560 Weight: 442g Sidewalls: Non-machined
Tressostar Tressoplast cloth bar tape- 1 Roll
Made in France, this is the real thing. You'll need 2 (two) rolls to cover 1 handlebar. One roll does each side.
Tektro Adjustable Brake Levers
These have an adjustment for mechanical advantage, so they work with _all_ types of brakes, including direct-pull ("V-type"), center-pull cantilevers, all types of calipers and drum brakes. 22.2mm clamp fits MTB/Flat/Upright bars
Tange Levins ISO Headset
Excellent value in a steel headset, using 5/32" ball bearings. Stack height: 33.4 mm Weight: 149 grams 26.4mm Crown Race
Sunlite Chromoly Quill Stem Extender
When you need to move your handlebars up, install Sunlite's Chromoly Quill Stem Extender. One end goes inside the steerer tube and your quill stem inserts into the top. It provides 8 1/4 inches of rise and is compatible only with quill stems and steerer tubes.
Sunlite Classic Bow Style Rubber Pedals 1/2
• Rubber platform increases comfort and grip • With reflectors
Sunlite North Road Style Handlebar - Aluminum
Economy version of the classic handlebar used on English 3-speeds. These have a longer straight section (185 mm), making them more compatible with modern brake levers and grips. The standard 1" diameter clamp area is compatible with most stems, and is heavily knurled to prevent slippage. Will NOT accept bar-end shifters. 7/8" (22.2 mm) diameter takes "mountain bike" brake and shift controls. Width: 56cm Color: Silver Note: Some Nottingham Raleighs ( 1950s - 1960s) have a 15/16" handlebar clamp diameter. If you're replacing the handlebar on one, you should really replace the stem too, because it is unsafe to overspread the 15/16" stem to fit a standard 1" (25.4 mm) handlebar.
Sunlite Schwinn-type grips
These soft krayton rubber grips are very similar to those used for many years on classic Schwinns. Available in black and white.
Sunlite Steel 1-inch–21.1mm Threaded Headset
This headset will fit old American bikes like Schwinn, Huffy and Murray. - Inside diameter is 21.1mm - Steel cups - Steel retainer bearings - Steerer Dia: 25.4mm - Cup Dia: 32.5mm
Sunlite Steel Brake Cable Hanger
- Replacement front cable hanger - Steel construction - Includes barrel adjuster
Sugino RD2 Pista Fixed Gear Crank Set 46t x 165mm Black
$89.95 $119.95 25% Savings
Only one in stock Sugino Forged cranks with single 46 tooth 1/8" chainring for fixed-gear use. LEFT ARM INCLUDED. Arm lengths: 165mm -Spindle Interface Type: Square Taper JIS -Chainring BCD: 130mm -Crank bolts included. -Bottom Bracket sold separately Use a 107mm bottom bracket for road frames. NOTE: There's some conflicting information, online, as to which bottom bracket width gives you the best chainline. We have found that the 103mm BB is best used with an actual track frame.
Sugino XD701D 10 Speed Double Crankset 110mm 48-34 teeth
XD cranks in 10/11 speed!! -Forged aluminum arms -Ramped & pinned aluminum chainrings JIS square taper bottom bracket spindle, 107mm or 110mm. Usually 107mm for road frames and 110mm for MTB frames. Available crank arm lengths: -165mm -170mm -172.5mm -175mm
Sturmey-Archer Axle Key
This is a commonly replaced part, the sliding key that the indicator spindle screws into. Click here for a parts diagram of the Sturmey-Archer AW hub.
Sturmey-Archer Clutch (cross)
This is a commonly replaced part. The 4 ends can get worn round where they drive the pinion pins in high gear, causing slippage. If this happens, you probably need new pinion pins too. Click here for a parts diagram of the Sturmey-Archer AW hub.
Sturmey-Archer Clutch Spring
This is the coil spring that fits over the axle to make the hub shift to higher gears. The little cap that is sometimes found on one end of this spring is not needed. Click here for a parts diagram of the Sturmey-Archer AW hub.
Sturmey-Archer Indicator Spindle (Chain)
Indicator Spindle (chain) - MK1 model This is the part with the little chain that comes out the end of the axle. This is a frequently replaced, easily damaged part. The MK1 works with almost all Sturmey-Archer hubs. Click here for a parts diagram of the Sturmey-Archer AW hub.
Sturmey-Archer Thrust Ring
This is the part the clutch spring presses against. The axle key fits into a pair of notches in this part. Very old Sturmey-Archer hubs had a two-piece assembly for this, but the one-piece version can replace that. Click here for a parts diagram of the Sturmey-Archer AW hub.
Stan's NoTubes Yellow 10 Yards x 21mm Rim Tape
We stock this rim tape to use with our Velocity A23 rims and wheelsets. Cloth rim tape has been found to be too thick with the A23 rim and can make it difficult to seat tires. NOTE: Double wrap each wheel with the Stan's rim tape. One roll is enough to double wrap any size wheel set.
Stages Cycling Shimano DXR MX71
The BMX specific DXR MX71 Stages Power meter replaces a non-drive crank arm for existing Shimano DXR MX71 model cranks. Riders looking to add power to their existing crank need only select length — the Stages Power meter fits all current generation DXR cranksets. - Accuracy: ± 2% - Weight: Only adds 20 grams to base crank arm - Battery Life: 200+ hours (coin cell: CR2032) - Power range (Watts): 0 to 2500 - Cadence range (rpm): 20-220 - Water resistance rating: IPX7 - Frame Compatibility: Most frames, see fit guide in the Stages Support section - Crank Compatibility: Shimano Saint and DXR Hollowtech II cranks - Device Compatibility: ANT+, Bluetooth Smart Ready - Software Compatibiity: Training Peaks, Strava, Garmin Training Center and others
Shimano 68mm UN55 Cartridge Bottom Bracket
Shimano's newest cartridge bottom bracket is the UN55. Choose axle length. BB width: 68mm English thread JIS Square taper
Shimano 7-Speed Cassette, 12- 28t HG20
12-14-16-18-21-24-28 Teeth It is generally good practice to replace the chain when you replace the cassette. We recommend the SRAM PC-870 chain for use with this cassette. This cassette will index with any Shimano-type 7-speed shifter. This cassette will fit on any Shimano 7-speed hub
Shimano 8-speed Cassette, 11-30 HG41
11 - 13 - 15 - 17 - 20 - 23 - 26 - 30t Excellent choice for bikes with "compact" chainwheels (fewer than 48 teeth on the largest) It is generally good practice to replace the chain when you replace the cassette. This cassette will index with any Shimano-type 8-speed shifter.
Shimano Altus Cantilevers CT-91
These come with smooth stud molded brake shoes. To upgrade the brake shoes, Kool Stop Eagle 2s would be a good choice. Link (straddle) wire included.
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