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CST 27 x 1-1/4
Basic, good quality replacement tire. Black w/Gum sidewall 90 psi, Wire bead. ISO Diameter: 630mm ISO Width: 32mm CST is the parent company of Maxxis Tires.
CST 27 x 1-1/8
Basic, good quality replacement tire. Black. 100 psi, Wire bead. ISO Diameter: 630mm ISO Width: 28mm CST is the parent company of Maxxis Tires.
Kenda 26 x 1-3/8 - 1-1/4 (37-597) Schwinn S-6
The 26 x 1-3/8 x 1-1/4 S6 tires were used on vintage Schwinns like the Breeze(pictured), Racer, Traveler, Speedster and Collegiate. Some Older British Club bikes use this size, designated 26 x 1 1/4 EA.1 This tire has a slightly larger diameter (597mm)than the Raleigh (590mm) tire. Straight 'Ribbed' Tread. Available in all black or black with gum sidewalls.
CST Classic Breaker 26 x 1 3/8 (590) Tire
Special buy. Limited quantity Classic tire size with modern features -European inspired hybrid styling with a raised center line and grooved side tread -Features CSTs Anti puncture layer and a reflective side wall -APL - Anti-Puncture Layer, features a respectable 0.7mm layer of rubber between the tread and the casing -SC - Single compound, one compound throughout the tread optimized for longevity and performance -REF - Reflective sidewall striping or hotpatch to aid in low light visibility This is the size used on most English 3-speed bicycles. Also used on some American made (Non-Schwinn) bikes by Huffy, Murray, Sears and others. CST is the parent company of Maxxis Tires.
Tektro Deluxe Brake Caliper Set R559 73mm Reach Recessed Mount
Click here to determine the correct brake reach for your bike. Front & Rear Set. Recessed nut mount Long reach brake caliper set. Front & Rear. Dual pivot with high clearance for fatter road tires up to 37mm wide. Long travel quick release provides wide opening for tire removal. Works well with all traditional (short travel) brake levers (everything except "V type levers.") Beautifully finished forged aluminum arms Light aluminum quick release mechanism Long travel quick release provides wide opening for tire removal. Refillable brake shoes with aluminum pad holders. These are an excellent upgrade for older frames that require long reach calipers.
Harris Cyclery 700c Front Wheel Deep-V w/ Origin8 Track Style Hub, Silver
$135.95 $199.95 32% Off

Special Purchase

Matching front to Deep V Alfine 8 Spd Wheel Rim: 700c Velocity Deep-V, Silver. MSW, Presta drilled, Tube only Hub: Origin8 Track Style, Sealed bearings, nutted axle. Silver Spokes: 32 DT 2.0 stainless steel (RADIAL Laced) 100mm rear axle spacing. Don't forget rim tape. Check the Related Items, below.
Giant XtC Jr 20 Lite
Lightweight and trail-ready, this little dirt shredder has a wide range of gears to tackle hills and a durable build that will keep up with their adventures. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame, plenty of stand-over clearance, and easy-to-use gears, this is the rigid version (no front suspension) of the XtC Jr. family. With 20-inch wheels and smooth-rolling tires that can handle the trail, it's a fun and stable way to get started on the trail. Lightweight frame ALUXX-grade aluminum frame provides a lightweight, purpose-built chassis for aspiring young off-road riders. Confidence and control Size-specific wheels give young riders the performance they need for true off-road riding. Kid-friendly features Youth-specific performance components help young riders improve their off-road skills.
Sun Bicycles Scout 24
The Scout 24 was designed to encourage your son or daughter to keep riding and further cultivate their appreciation for a day in the Sun. The high tensile steel construction will stand up to all their adventures, while the 24-inch wheels and 7-speed twist shifter will instantly make them faster out of the gate. Specifically equipped with children's-fit brake levers, saddle, handlebar, grips, crank, and pedals, the Scout 24 will encourage your child to be a more confident rider by letting them take advantage of a bicycle designed with their smaller frame in mind.
Harris Cyclery 700c 8-speed Alfine Hub/Deep-V Wheel, Shifter Included
$399.95 $559.95 29% Off

Special Purchase

Internal Gear Conversion in a box! Disc brake compatible! Fully assembled wheel with shifter & parts. Rim: 700c Velocity Deep-V, Silver. MSW, Presta drilled, Tube only Hub: SG-S7001 Alfine 8 speed, Silver Spokes: 32 DT 2.0 stainless steel Includes SL-S7000 Shifter & Cable Parts kit includes 20t sprocket and a set of non-turn washers (blue/green) . 135mm rear axle spacing. Don't forget rim tape. Check the Related Items, below.


617-244-1040 THE ULTIMATE E-ROAD BIKE The new Aria e-Road aero carbon bike, engineered with Bianchi’s IPD - InnerPower Drive is the perfect solution to the demands of genuine road riders the world over: to have the look and feel of traditional, pure high-performance, race-bred road riding, with powerful electrical assistance in the background — when you need it. IPD - INNER POWER DRIVE SYSTEM The new Aria e-road provides the ultimate lightweight road experience with the power to expand your limits. Bianchi has specifically developed its new IPD - Inner Power Drive system for the Aria e-road, using the Ebikemotion’s powerful X35 V.2 pedal assist technology. At 7.7lbs for the entire system (rear hub motor, 250W battery, iWOC One, and all wiring), the X35 V.2 e-power system is the smallest and lightest full-power pedal assist motor available. It is the perfect solution for riders with a desire to take on long, demanding rides selecting the extra power and speed of a trained professional only when it is needed. This extra power significantly adds to, but never overshadows, the human-powered endeavor and sensation of road riding. It simply gives the feeling that you have more power in your legs. SUPER CLEAN LOOK The fully integrated minimalist electric motor and battery provides a sleek, stylish, low profile natural aero look that can be ridden without any electrical power assistance. With zero interference or drag to the power transmission, the Aria e-Road is the true road cyclist’s choice. BATTERY AND RECHARGE The X35V.2 M1 36V/250W rear hub motor is extremely powerful, producing 40Nm of torque at the rear wheel, offering optimum powered assistance at speeds between 9 and 15mph. Nestled between the rear cassette sprockets and the rear disc brake rotor, the motor is virtually hidden. The X35 V.2 M1 motor is powered by a slim, 40mm wide 250W battery, positioned inside the downtube of the Aria e-Road frame. A weatherproof charge-port is located discreetly in the upper surface of the downtube, near the junction with the seat tube; for a simple plug and charge operation via any household outlet. TOTAL INTEGRATION Bianchi engineers integrated the iWOC One flush-fit power and battery level controls unobtrusively into the Aria e-Road’s aero top tube.The Ebikemotion mobile app allows the rider to easily integrate multiple data functions into the ride experience. Covering key motor function, battery status, power control, as well as GPS ride direction and tracking. A specific fitness function linked to rider performance via heart rate band allows controlling automatically the assist level of the motor unit by selecting a maximum HR frequency to keep you in the exercise zone that you prefer. All electronic wiring is internal, sealed away from the elements and danger, completing the Aria e-Road’s aero aesthetic. TECH FEATURES - 7.7lbs total weight for the X35 V.2 motor, 250W battery, iWOC One, and all wiring. - Slim 36V/250W V.2 rear hub motor produces 40Nm of torque - Optimum power pedal assistance between 9 and 15mph. - Panasonic battery is 40mm wide. Completely integrated and hidden inside the downtube. - ‘Flat to full’ charge in 3.5-4hrs - Zero motor drag to the drivetrain.
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