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Action Porteur Style Handlebar - Aluminum Silver
$18.95 $26.95 30% Savings
Classic Porteur style handlebar used on classic city bikes. The grip section on these bars is almost perpendicular. The standard 1" diameter clamp area is compatible with most stems, and is heavily knurled to prevent slippage. Will NOT accept bar-end shifters. 7/8" (22.2 mm) diameter takes "mountain bike" brake and shift controls. Width: 520mm Rise: 50mm Color: Silver
Brooks Cambium Slender Leather Bicycle Handlebar Grips
$45.00 $89.95 50% Savings
LIMITED STOCK. No returns (unless defective) The design of Brooks Cambium Slender Grips incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in the manner of traditional handlebar tape. The tape is made from organic cotton and rubber and is held in place by aluminium clamps which can be removed to replace the tape if necessary. Length: Left: 130mm, Right: 130mm -Slate -Natural
Brooks Slender Leather Bicycle Handlebar Grips
$45.00 $89.95 50% Savings
LIMITED STOCK. No returns (unless defective) Brooks Slender Leather Grips feature vegetable tanned leather and cork tape, and are designed to offer an alternative performance option for the user, while maintaining the standard for sustainability set by the Ring Grips, allowing the user to replace worn parts if necessary. The design incorporates an aluminium shell around which the bar tape is wrapped in the traditional manner. Length: 130mm
Brooks B66 Standard Leather Honey Bicycle Saddle
$89.95 $152.95 41% Savings
This saddle has a few scuff marks on the finish. See pictures. The B66/B67 series is the most popular of Brooks's sprung models. They are an excellent choice for recreational or utility cycling in a fairly upright posture. The B66 is most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars higher than their saddles. In general, the more upright your riding posture, the wider, and more heavily sprung, the saddle you should choose. These use a special clamp (included) for old-style "pipe-type" seatposts.
Brooks Flyer Leather Saddle w/Springs
$99.95 $159.95 38% Savings
Limited Quantities. No returns (unless defective). The Flyer has the same basic shape as the B17 but for extra comfort on rough roads, it is equipped with springs. The Flyer is most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars about the same height as their saddles, or perhaps a bit higher. Tension wrench included. Length: 275mm Width: 175mm Height:87mm Weight: 860g
Brooks C13 Cambium Racing Saddle w/Carbon Rails Black
$109.95 $220.00 50% Savings
Display model on header card, no box. No returns (unless defective). Super sleek lightweight Cambium saddle! The C13 utilizes the same vulcanized natural rubber and organic cotton top of the Cambium line, yet weighs 150g less than the popular C15 model. This is accomplished through a continuous carbon rail that eliminates performance-resistant contact points and saves weight. Finished with aluminium rivets in all black, the C13 is the first in a new lightweight Cambium range from which various new models will follow. Tested in the Arenberg Forest by David Millar. Comfort at its lightest. Length 275 mm Width 132 mm Height 55 mm Weight 259 g 9mm Oval Carbon Rail may require seatpost adapter
Brooks Team Professional Honey W/Copper Rails
$109.95 $194.95 44% Savings
Only one available. No returns (unless defective) Deluxe model, copper-plated rails, large copper rivets. The Professional series is most appropriate for vigorous cyclists who set their handlebars somewhat lower than their saddles. The leather is a bit thicker than other models, making the professional a little slower to break in, but making it the most durable model.
Brooks Finesse Saddle Women's Honey w/Ti Rails
$179.95 $299.95 40% Savings
Display model. No box or paper work. No returns (unless defective) The Finesse is the woman's version of the Swift. Its titanium undercarriage makes it the lightest leather saddle available.

The Finesse is most appropriate for vigorous cyclists who set their handlebars somewhat lower than their saddles.

Gilles Berthoud Marie Blanque Saddle Women's Black
$130.00 $220.95 41% Savings
Only one in stock. No returns (unless defective) These are beautiful, hand-softened saddles! Comfortable right out of the box! They feature custom, chamfered allen key screws & brass washers that secure the leather to the frame instead of rivets.
The rear screws are set down below the sitting area!
The underside features a flexible polycarbonate frame and stainless steel rails.
  • High-quality leather treated with natural dyes.
  • Can be fully disassembled.
  • Comes with bag loops and will accept Klikfix attachments.
  • Width: 160mm
  • Length: 240mm
  • Gilles Berthoud Galibier Ti-Railed Leather Racing Saddle Natural
    $160.00 $260.00 38% Savings
    Only one available. No returns (unless defective) These are beautiful, hand-softened saddles! Comfortable right out of the box! The Berthoud Galibier racing saddle is manufactured in house from thick natural vegetable tanned leather. It is pre-softened to shorten the break-in period. It is suitable for racing bicycles and other bicycle with a somewhat ''aggressive'' riding position. The bolt assemblies at the rear of the saddle are situated behind the area on which the cyclist sits. No risk of damaging your cycling shorts or your skin! Backplate made of technical material providing solidity and flexibility for maximum comfort. Easy to disassemble thanks to an system of stainless steel bolts which fit into special-shaped brass washers. The cone-shaped washers fit snuggly into the leather avoiding any risk of damage. Rails made of polished titanium.The rails have a relatively long straight part giving saddle setback adjustment. -Weight 365gr -Length 278mm -Width 146mm
    Nitto Technomic Deluxe Stem 22.2mm Quill 70mm Reach with 26.0mm Clamp
    $50.00 $84.95 41% Savings
    Only one in stock. No returns (unless defective). Japanese-made aluminum stems with 180 mm column. 70mm reach These have a standard 22.2 mm (7/8") column which fits standard "one inch" fork steerers. The 26.0 clamp I.D.fits most modern road handlebars.
    Nitto Seatpost S65 Crystal Fellow 27.2mm
    $60.00 $93.95 36% Savings
    Only one available. No returns. One-bolt design Diameter: 27.2mm Length: 250mm Polished aluminum.
    Nokian Hakkapelitta A10 700 x 32 Studded Tire
    $45.00 $72.95 38% Savings
    The 72 stud A10 is narrower than the W106 model. It will fit more frames. It also rides smoother. •It is not uncommon to lose 5-10 studs during normal use due to friction. This does not affect performance and is not considered a defect for warranty claims.
    Origin8 ProPulsion Singlespeed Crank Set 165mm w/46T Ring Black
    $39.95 $57.95 31% Savings
    WITH 1/8" CHAINRING* Alloy left & right cranks with single alloy 46 tooth 1/8" chainring for singlespeed/fixed-gear use. 165mm length Popular 130mm (road standard) bolt circle. *NOTE: 1/2 x 1/8" chain will fit either 3/32" or 1/8" rear cog or freewheel. Use 110mm Square Tapered Bottom bracket
    Sinewave Cycles Reactor Dynamo USB Charger RED
    $169.95 $220.00 23% Savings
    Introducing the Sinewave Reactor! The performance of the Revolution dynamo-powered USB charger has been shrunk it into a package that fits above the star nut in a threadless steerer tube, with a pass through for the 6mm bolt. The only visible part is a custom CNC-milled stem cap holding the USB connector. The cap is only 10.6mm tall. The Reactor is compatible with 1" and 1 1/8" threadless systems. Uses: Bicycle touring Commuting Green/Portable Electricity for USB Powered Devices Power USB Battery Chargers or External USB Power Packs Emergency Power Source Navigation while riding Music while riding Features: Best in class efficiency High Speed Overload Protection Fits 1" or 1 1/8" threadless steerers Light weight Waterproof Specifications: Starts charging at 3.5 MPH (5.5 km/h) Full charging at 9 MPH (14.4km/h) Warranty: 1 year on defects in materials and workmanship.
    White Industries Splined Fixed Gear Cogs To Fit ENO Splined Hub
    $20.95 $39.95 48% Savings
    Limited supply. No returns. White Industires new Eno Eccentric hub with spline mount fixed side
    requires their proprietary cogs. This design eliminates cross threading and cog movement. Available in 1/8" and 3/32" Sizes 13t to 20t
    White Industries T11 Rear Cassette Touring Hub Shimano Compatible 36H 130mm
    $199.00 $318.50 38% Savings
    Only one available. No returns. High quality, lightweight Touring hubs. 9,10,11 Speed compatible. 36 hole, silver.
  • Accepts Shimano cassettes
  • Titanium freehub body
  • High polished silver finish
  • 130mm spacing
  • Lighter than Dura Ace!
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