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Various Manufacturers 349 mm (16 x 1 3/8) Tube
349 mm (16 x 1 3/8") This is the size used on older Moultons, Bromptons and other folding bikes and the front wheel of some recumbents, and on Greenspeed folding trikes.
Schwalbe Marathon 35-349 16 x 1 3/8
A treaded, sturdy road tire. 16 x 1 3/8" This size fits Brompton folding bicycles, some older Moultons and some recumbents. With puncture resistance belt. 320 grams
Brompton 12T Rear Sprocket 3/32
For Brompton 1 or 2 speeds Brompton Part Number: 9024032 Part code: QRSPR12DR-SHMNO
Brompton 13T Rear Sprocket 3/32
For SRAM 6 speed. Brompton Part Number: 9024049 Part code: QRSPR13DR
Brompton 13T Rear Sprocket 3/32
For Brompton BWR 6-spd hub Brompton Part Number: 9024056 Part code: QRSPR13DR-SHMNO
Brompton 14T Rear Sprocket 1/8
For Sturmey 3-Speed hubs Brompton Part Number: 9024025 Part code: QRSPR14
Brompton Bottom Bracket Cartridge 119mm JIS
Brompton Part Number: 9044016 Part code: QBBCART-119-JIS
Brompton Brake Lever 30 deg. LEFT
Left hand model Brompton Part Number: 9029174 Part code: QBRLEV30LH
Brompton Brake Levers, Pair
Brompton Part Number: 9029402 Alloy brake levers.
Brompton Gear Cable 3-Spd & Ties M Type, LWB
Brompton Part Number: 9011001
Brompton Suspension Black Only - FIRM (Old Style)
Brompton Part Number: 9040124 Part code: QSUSPB-HARD
Brompton Suspension Block Assembly
Replacement suspension block set with bolt and disc New standard firmness.
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