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Schmidt SON Tail Light - rack or seat post mount
$72.00 - $98.00
SON dynamo powered rack-mount tail lights are new for 2014. These little gems are compact and super bright. Two housing colors (black or silver) and two lens colors (red or clear) are available. All models have a red LED and shine RED. Clear lenses are just a tad brighter than red lenses. The difference is primarily cosmetic. Both rack mount and seat post mount types are available. They are compatible with all 6v dynamo powered headlights made by Schmidt, B&M, Spanninga, and others. This includes the Luxos U. They are NOT compatible with Supernova head lights. They can be powered by any 6v/3w Dynamo, hub or sidewall/bottle. All necessary wiring, connectors, and mounting hardware is included for installation on standard mounts with holes 50mm on center. See related items below for adapters if needed. No reflector is incorporated with the light.
Busch & Müller Toplite Line Plus Rack Mount Dynamo Taillight
Dynamo diode rear light with LineTec technology. Sleek, slim design, suitable for rear racks with 50mm bolt width. Overall width: 92mm B&M's LineTec technology creates a linear strip of light that is much wider than the actual taillight. 4 minute standlight with override. Wiring is not packaged with this light. Either LT203 or LT204 noted below will work.
Busch & Müller Toplight Line Plus Brake Plus w/Pulse. Rack Mount Dynamo Taillight
This new version of the BrakeTec pulsates when the brakes are applied! The Toplight Line Brake Plus senses when the bike slows under braking and glows brighter, just like the brake lights on an automobile. And it has all of the other features of the Toplight Line Plus taillight; 50mm bolt spacing, button to stop the standlight, etc. Wiring is not packaged with this light. Either LT203 or LT204 noted below will work.
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