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Busch & Müller Secula Permanent Fender Mount Taillight battery powered
Includes 2 AAA batteries. The Secula lights use B+M's "Linetec" technology in the lens for a very bright and broad light with a large reflector. It should be mounted with the reflector in a vertical position to be most effective. This means that full coverage fenders are required in order to get enough length in the rear for proper mounting.
Busch & Müller Toplight Line Battery Powered Tail Lights
$49.00 - $58.00
The Toplight Line Permanent & Senso are rack mounted tail lights that incorporate Busch + Müller's LineTec technology. The light from two LED's is dispersed by a fresnel lens to make a very wide, bright tail light. Burn time is 38 hours on a single AA battery (not included). There are two versions: - The "Permanent" model has a simple On/Off switch. - The "Senso" model has a 3 position switch, On/Off/Senso. When you switch it to Senso mode, the light switches on for about 4 minutes, and then, if it's dark and if the light senses movement, the light will stay on. When your bike stops moving, the light will remain on for about 4 minutes and then automatically switch off. This gives you light while stopped at an intersection. As you ride in daylight, the light will switch off, and only come on at twilight and only if the bike is moving. Each of the Toplight Line lights has a large bright reflector, as well. As with ALL German made tail lights, this light burns in steady mode only. It is not a "blinky".
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