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Busch & Müller Seculite Plus Taillight

Busch & Müller Seculite Plus Taillight
This item is currently not available.


The Seculite Plus is designed to be mounted to a fender. It can also be mounted on a cantilever post with the cross bracket (see related items below). It's a bright LED tail light that is designed to work with any generator powered headlight. It has a "Standlight" which keeps the LEDs lit for several minutes after you stop.

It will work with any LED headlight. The Seculite Plus uses .6 Watts, requiring the Lumotec headlight to use a 2.4 Watt bulb if paired with a halogen headlight.

Since this taillight can ground to the frame via it's mounting bolt, we don't recommend it for use with the Luxos U headlight.

Two strand wiring with connectors to the headlight is included.

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