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Is everything in stock? We pride ourselves in keeping, at least, a 90% fill rate.

We do not have a 'live' online inventory, but we manually update stock status on a daily basis. Out-of-stock items will have their shopping cart disabled. Otherwise, the item is very likely to be in stock. You can check the status of your order using the link in your order confirmation email.

When will my order ship? For orders where all items are in stock and shipped via UPS or USPS, we ship the same day they come in (excluding weekends). The cutoff time for same-day shipping is 3:00 pm Eastern time. 

You can check the status of your order using the link in your order confirmation email.

Does Harris accept backorders? Sorry. We do not take backorders.

What is my shipping cost?   Domestic Shipping Guide  International Shipping Guide

After you've finished adding items in the online shopping cart, please proceed to the next screen and enter your address and choose a shipping method. The shipping cost will be calculated automatically.

Oversized items shipped to Alaska and Hawaii may incur more postage that will not be included in calculated shipping cost; instead, you will be emailed with the correct charges before your credit card is processed.

My bank statement says I was charged twice! Our online shopping cart warns us about duplicate transactions, making it nearly impossible to charge twice.

The first charge you see on your statement is a 'pre-authorization' that reserves the funds so Harris Cyclery can take payment when we ship the order. This "charge" will drop off your statement in a few days, or you can call your bank and ask that it be removed immediately. The second charge is the actual payment, which is the money Harris Cyclery collects when we "capture payment". This "double charge" doesn't happen all the time, nor does it happen consistently. We've no way of predicting how your bank will handle an internet transaction.

Also, when a customer asks us to add an item to their existing online order, the initial pre-authorization is voided and a new one is created. Again, it may take several days for the voided transaction to drop off of their statement.

General Product Info

The parts and accessories we sell are for getting your bike back on the road. Although some of our products are suitable for 'show quality' restoration, that is not the intent. Any 'from the factory' cosmetic blemishes that have no affect on the performance of the product, do not constitute cosmetic defects warranting replacement at our expense.

Web Pricing & Content

We make every effort to maintain current, accurate prices in our online catalog. And we strive for similar accuracy and timeliness with the other information we offer here. Prices are subject to change without notice.